The Fading Farmhouse? Or Is It?

The Fading Farmhouse? Or Is It?

We  are often asked the question, "Do you think the farmhouse style or design will fade away?" I will be the first one to tell you that I am no expert in...well, okay, not much of anything. However, I am at level 62 in this life and if I know anything it is that people get bored with things and stuff. We are all looking for that new and greater gadget or style that will bring happiness and brightens our day, i.e. cell phones, computers and the like. We all know this is just a "temporary fix" for our quest to happiness.

At ReVintaged Lemon, (and remember I am no expert) we believe people seek comfort away from the hectic outside world. Our homes are our sanctuary. We need them to be a comfortable and pleasant place to rest and raise our families. The Farmhouse style helps to provide that casual, comfortable, lived in and livable feel to a home. It provides an unpretentious feel to guest when they enter your home. They will immediately feel welcome when they recognize a familiar vintage piece that a beloved Aunt had or Grandmas favorite buffet or sideboard. Some of you may remember it as the "NO, NO, DON'T TOUCH" furniture. All makes for a great starter conversation. 

So, my answer to "Do you think the farmhouse style or design will fade away?" is always no. The appeal of Farmhouse decor is here to stay. It is part of our DNA as Americans. It is part of our heritage. Perhaps one might say the Farmhouse or Vintage decor is really Americana Style and as such is as American as Momma, Baseball and Apple Pie. 

Apr 22nd 2018 Pete

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