I get bored...

I get bored...

When it comes to antiques, vintage items or just some old farmhouse junk, I always try to create in my mind what other purpose could this item be. You know, something relevant to today's living and lifestyles. It is important to note here, that doing what we do in the repurposed category of our industry, that we keep it real. What I mean is, if we take an item and repurpose or up cycle it, that we do it right and has value added to it. First, it must have a certain uniqueness to it.....what makes it different?.....what kind of story or history does it have? Second, what value can I add to it to make it pertinent to a broad range of consumers? Third, it must be built to be structurally sound and solid to last many, many years. Last, and my biggest pet peeve in our industry......is ATTENTION TO DETAIL! If you do this as a living, nothing will kill your reputation faster than that. Attention to detail is what sets you apart from your competition and that is where the big bucks lay.

One day I got bored looking at our vintage farmhouse washtub. People would look at it and say, "Oh, yeah thats nice" and keep walking, Nobody would pull the trigger on it, and yes; it was priced right. So one day, I decided to do something with it. I recalled all the ways some people repurposed washtubs or up-cycled them. With summer coming on, it seemed like the perfect choice to make it into a drink station/serving table/extra seating or whatever. So here is a description of the item that you will find on this website, www.revintagedlemon.com and by the way, it sold in the store three days after we put it in there!

Vintage wash tub converted to a multi-purpose outdoor entertainment statement piece. Keep your beverages on ice in one compartment and cold food on ice in the other (me, I would keep both sides for beer, but that's just me). Both tops lift off for easy retrieval or simply leave them on for a serving table or whatever your cotton pick'n heart desires. You can also pull up a couple of stools and use it as a table. The top is made from an old cedar barn door and the rest is reclaimed oak pallet wood. The bottom shelf is a solid oak board 17"x 32"x 1" with Brazilian chestnut used for support. Several coats of outdoor polyurethane (Spar) has been applied to all wood surfaces. The outside of the tub has been treated with Pete's secret metal finish to preserve the rust and natural patina of the surface. Oops, almost forgot......the entire top easily lefts off for easy storage.

Okay, bottom line.....if you do this as a living, here is your equation...uniqueness + value added + structural soundness + attention to detail + appropriate price = longevity/satisfied customer/repeat business/profit.

Apr 16th 2018 Pete

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